We put our warm hearts into making frozen ice crystals of POIRE des rois.


Our ice cream is perfect as a surprising gift.
The below the freezing point ice crystals are made with love and warmth filled with hidden delights providing a unique taste and experience.
There’s no ice cream like POIRE des rois.

We, POIRE des rois, have deemed ice cream to be a natural food.
So we harness fruit flavors to provide deliciousness that the world has never seen before.
From the first spoonful of ice cream to finish.
You can enjoy the experience the bliss of the ever-expanding flavor.
We use proudly grown local fruit to exceed your expectations of flavor and beauty.

Ice Cream

Each and every serving is carefully handmade by our artisans who employ all of their skills to perform each of the processes.

Please enjoy refined taste.


Our artisans change the proportions of ingredients and preparation methods in line with seasonal changes that affect the flavor of fruit that can be altered by the natural environment.

Our artisans change their methods depending on changes in the sugar content and sourness of the fruit depending on the climate of the year in order to produce the best possible taste.



Gift POIRE des rois to your loved ones and close friends or treat yourself.

POIRE des rois ice cream takes you on a colorful journey through the four seasons.
Send it as a sweet gift for your loved ones to enjoy any time throughout the year, or sometimes treat yourself for your hard work.


We are always available to take your order.

In order to make it easier for our customers to access our products, we also take orders online.
Make your special days richer and brighter with the taste of POIRE des rois.


When the first POIRE store opened its doors in Tezukayama in 1969, we were one of the first bakeries in Japan’s Kansai area that was on par with Western bakeries in regard to baking cakes.

To this day, the recipe for POIRE’s signature cakes remains largely unchanged from when we opened, which attests to our use of advanced baking techniques from the store’s beginning.
In the 1990s, at the age of 20, our grand chef Yoshiki Tsujii traveled to Europe to train himself in the confectionery making.
He trained in the art of cake-making by working at famous Swiss patisseries and boulangeries, and then he spent his vacations traveling across Europe to get acquainted with the local pastries of each region.
Welcome to POIRE! We are offering new surprises while preserving tradition.

POIRE Grand chefYoshiki Tsujii